about Mr Beau Vine

Mr. Beau Vine started in November 2009 – even though he didn’t start taking photos until September 2012. In November the cow, now know as Mr. Beau Vine, was acquired at the conference for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

After three years of adorning Gayle Tabor’s desk, Beau decided he was tired of being cooped up (after all he is not a chicken) he needed to moooooove about and get out and see the world!

People who meet Beau oft compare him to Flat Stanley and the Flat Stanley Project. While there are some similarities, Beau is his own cow!

Traveling the world (well he would if we had more money) and documenting one photo at a time!

NOTICE: In January 2016 the original Mr Beau Vine was replaced with a lego version. New look….same wonderlust – He’s still out and about in the world.

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